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Pilgrim Hot Springs Master Plan

The Pilgrim Hot Springs Master Plan will lay out a vision for the future of the site. The projects and ideas in the plan can be completed over time, as funding becomes available.

Project Information

The master plan project will evaluate and create plans for the entire Pilgrim Hot Springs site, with focuses on the site and environment; buildings, recreational amenities, and utilities; and documenting the site’s history and culture. The consultant team will provide assessments and recommendations based on current site conditions, coordination with Unaatuq LLC Board, feedback from the public, guidance from the Cultural Advisory Committee, and any other available information.

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Project Updates and how to get involved

July, 2023 Site Visit 

Pilgrim Hot Springs staff and the consultant team held a public event on July 11, 2023, at the Old St. Joe's Church to share initial information about the project and connect with the community.


During the same visit, the consultant team was able to explore Pilgrim Hot Springs to gather information about existing conditions (and enjoy the site!).


On a later visit (July 31-August 4), surveyors from the consultant team visited the site to complete a boundary survey and collect aerial imagery.

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Cultural Advisory Committee

Kawerak has assembled a Cultural Advisory Committee comprised of people that have a direct or indirect relationship with the historic Our Lady of Lourdes Mission, Orphanage and Boarding School, to guide the master plan project. The committee will advise the project team on culturally relevant topics, including the cemetery monument, the mission and boarding school history, public outreach, and media opportunities. The committee will also provide guidance on how to best educate regional residents and visitors about the mission and orphanage as it relates to the people who lived there. The master planning team will work with Pilgrim Hot Springs staff to consult with the Cultural Advisory Committee and gather their input for the master plan.


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