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Discounted rate visitor's permit for locals of the Bering Strait Region. This is a one-time use pass for locals of the region during the 2023 summer season. The rate is $5 per person, per visit. Kids 5 and under are free as well as seniors 65+. There is no city sales tax imposed on this purchase, as Pilgrim Hot Springs is located outside of the City of Nome limits. Guests must accept the terms and conditions of the visitor's permit and liability waiver upon purchase. Please review the permit terms at this link. Please keep a copy of your receipt saved on your smartphone, or print, to show the onsite caretaker upon arrival. Locals must show driver's license or Tribal ID for proof of current residency.

Locals Pass and Permit

  • This Pilgrim Hot Springs Use Permit (this “Permit”) is entered into as of the date above, by and between UNAATUQ, LLC (the “Owner”), and the above identified Permittee who has purchased this visitor pass. Owner hereby grants Permittee this Permit to access and use the Pilgrim Hot Springs Property identified below, for the term and purpose identified above (One-time pass, Summer 2021), on the terms and conditions herein. Each person accessing the Property must obtain and keep this Permit on his/her person at all times. This Permit may be revoked in Owner’s sole discretion with written or verbal notice to Permittee.

    *Fees for the 2021 season are as follows: $10.00 per person, per visit.** Locals of the Bering Strait Region showing a valid driver’s license or Tribal ID will receive a discounted rate of $5.00 per person, per visit. Kids 5 and under are FREE. **Guests of the cemetery only, paying overnight guests, and helicopter charters are exempt from entrance fees.

    Land and Facilities: The property subject to this Permit is the 320-acre parcel commonly known as “Pilgrim Hot Springs” or “Kruzgamepa Hot Springs Ranch” consisting of Homestead Entry No. 1, being U.S. Survey No. 565, situated in Kougarok Recording Precinct, Alaska (the “Property”).

    Interest in Property: Permittee acknowledges that it has no legal or equitable interest in the surface or subsurface of the Property, and that this Permit grants a non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, temporary license to access the Property for the term and purpose specified above. Permittee further acknowledges that this Permit does not grant a right or license to enter onto or use any other property of Owner. Owner reserves the right to allow any and all other uses of the Property during the term of this Permit.

    Prohibited Uses: Permittee will not tamper with or damage any existing improvements on the Property, and will not construct any permanent improvements of any kind. Permittee shall not hunt or fish on the Property. Permittee shall not cause or permit any hazardous material to be brought upon, kept or used on the Property. Permittee shall not cut brush, poplar or aspen trees, or in any way disturb the natural vegetation and ground cover of the Property. Permittee shall not remove any natural resource from the Property, including without limitation any timber, vegetation, or minerals present on the Property. No motorized vehicles*, including 4-wheelers, motorcycles, or automobiles are allowed on the Property, and any entry into the Property by Permittee with motor vehicles will be considered a violation of AS 11.46.330 (criminal trespass). *Specialty access via helicopter charter may be provided with prior written permission from Unaatuq, LLC. Snow machine access in the winter is allowed following approved public access trails for valid permit holders.

    Archeological and Historical Resources: Permittee shall not tamper with, remove, or otherwise interfere with any artifacts which might be discovered during the course of the Permittee’s use of the Property.Permittee shall immediately report discovery of any historical or archeological artifact to Owner. Upon discovery, all activities in the vicinity of the discovery shall immediately cease until the site is investigated and mitigation measures are approved by Owner.

    Damage to Property: Permittee shall take all reasonable precautions to avoid damage to the Property during Permittee’s use. Permittee shall pay Owner for any damage resulting from Permittee’s use of the Property under this Permit.

    Wildfire Prevention: Permittee shall not start fires for any purpose on the Property. Camp and cooking fires are strictly prohibited, except in designated fire rings and campsite areas. Permittee shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent wildfires. If a wildfire is started, Permittee shall make diligent efforts to suppress it immediately, and shall report it promptly to the Alaska Division of Forestry (by dialing 911 or 1-800-237-3633) and to Owner.

    Laws and Regulations: Permittee shall comply with all state, federal and local laws in its use of the Property, and any rules or policies that may be adopted by Owner with respect to the Property.

    Condition of Property Not Warranted: Owner expressly does not warrant or represent that the Property is safe, healthful or suitable for all allowable uses under this Permit. The Property is not maintained, and does not provide utilities or potable water.

    Assumption of Risk: Permittee acknowledges that the Property is located in a remote area without ready access to medical facilities, where communication and transportation are difficult, and where evacuation and medical treatment may be delayed. The Property contains hot mineral springs that may cause serious injury or death. Permittee further acknowledges that access and use of the Property involves inherent risks, dangers and hazards associated with travel and outdoor activities in remote Alaska. Such risks include property damage, personal injury, illness, mental or emotional trauma, disability or death, and include without limitation: risks arising from visiting remote areas; possible exposure to dangerous wildlife, severe and unpredictable climate conditions and other natural hazards; risks associated with use of unmaintained trails and structures, treacherous terrain and rutted, unpaved roads; and risks posed from other users of the Property. Permittee expressly agrees to assume all risks arising out of use of the Property.

    Waiver and Release: Permittee, on behalf of himself or herself, his/her personal representatives and heirs, voluntarily agrees to release, waive, discharge and hold harmless Owner, and its officers, employees and agents, from any and all claims, actions, demands, losses, expenses, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of every kind, whether known or unknown, including for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services or otherwise, that Permittee may have, now or in the future, arising from or in any way related to this Permit and Permittee’s access and use of the Property. This waiver and release shall continue in full force and effect after expiration or other termination of this Permit. Permittee hereby covenants not to sue and not to assert any claims or causes of action against Owner, its officers, employees or representatives, with respect to the performance of activities permitted hereunder.

    This agreement is made valid between the Owner and the Permittee upon an approved financial transaction for entrance fees, overnight stays, helicopter charters, or other onsite activities.

    Unaatuq, LLC reserves the right to refuse entry to the property at any time.

    Entire Agreement: This Permit constitutes the entire agreement between the Owner and Permittee with respect to access and use of the Property. Any modification to this Permit must be made in writing. Permit terms effective January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021.

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