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Now hiring summer caretakers! Site Maintenance Position Available

See the full job listing on Kawerak, Inc. webpage:

Download a Kawerak employment application here:

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Email completed applications to:

Or, drop off in person at Kawerak's office in Nome!

The Pilgrim Hot Springs (PHS) Site Maintenance Caretaker will report to the PHS General Manager and agrees to stay at PHS during the summer months as defined and agreed upon by Site Maintenance Caretaker and GM. The Site Maintenance Caretaker’s responsibilities are to protect and maintain the Pilgrim Hot Springs property and buildings to the best of their ability and to do so within the guidelines set forth by Unaatuq, LLC and within the laws of the State of Alaska. The Site Maintenance Caretaker, in executing their duties, will do so in a manner that will protect Unaatuq, LLC.


  1. The Site Maintenance Caretaker will work as a team with the Hospitality Caretaker to be responsible for the day-to-day security and safety of the property known locally as Pilgrim Hot Springs and owned by Unaatuq, LLC.

  2. The Site Maintenance Caretaker will assist the Hospitality Caretaker with greeting day pass and overnight visitors, checking-in overnight guests, and ensuring that overnight accommodations are held to a high standard of comfort, safety and cleanliness.

  3. The Site Maintenance Caretaker will work within the Kawerak Environmental Program team and be open to working with other Kawerak staff and volunteers, and assisting with the coordination of onsite activities, workshops, and other events, as assigned by the PHS General Manager.

  4. The Site Maintenance Caretaker will enforce all rules required by Unaatuq, LLC. and Kawerak, Inc., including those contained on the Visitors Permit and Waiver of Liability. This shall include but not be limited to:

Checking-in permitted guests and issuing on-site permits to new visitors.

  1. Following bear safety and best wildlife management practices, which may include use of bear cans, bear fence, or operating firearms.

  2. Protecting the integrity of the buildings and grounds from all and any degradation and vandalism and removing any trash. Regular inspection of facilities, including tubs, ponds, lodging, historical buildings, and trails. Teach and exemplify environmental stewardship and leave-no-trace ethics.

  3. Daily inspection and maintenance of agricultural facilities including water irrigation system; assists with agricultural projects and maintenance as assigned by PHS General Manager.

  4. Pumping and transporting potable water to water storage tanks and refilling potable water amenities for overnight guest cabins and campsites.

  5. Maintaining onsite equipment, vehicles, propane appliances, and solar setups to the best of their ability; managing light duty construction projects; additional program support/development as assigned.

  6. Closing access to areas that may pose a threat to visitors and mitigating any dangers that may be present.

  7. Accepting payments for day passes, overnight lodging, merchandise, and maintaining a daily bank register.

  8. Assisting the Hospitality Caretaker with the cleaning of cabins and camp areas and keeping track of visitor reservations; assisting with the daily cleaning and sanitizing of outhouse and changing facilities.

  9. Enforcing all rules related to site safety.

The Site Maintenance Caretaker will discourage any trespass onto Mary’s Igloo Native Corporation lands, whether such trespass occurs from the existing road or from the Pilgrim property. Trespass incidents shall be logged (time, date, name of trespassers, and point of access to MINC lands) and reported to Mary’s Igloo Native Corporation.

  1. Other duties as assigned.


  1. High School Diploma or G.E.D.

  2. Demonstrated wilderness competence and experience working and living in similar situations away from town and other people for long periods of time. Situational and predator awareness of bears, wolves, and moose and knowledge of appropriate response strategies.

  3. Firearm safety certification, or a willingness to take the course.

  4. Hold a current Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid Certificate, or a willingness to take the course.

  5. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and be willing to work outdoors in inclement weather.

  6. Comfortable working in multi-cultural settings with an ability to accommodate people of a variety of backgrounds and inspire a sense of trust with visitors.

  7. Two years of experience with equipment, vehicle, and facility maintenance, light repairs, and construction projects; and a willingness to learn new maintenance techniques.

  8. Four years of experience working in a public-facing position: i.e., customer service, hunting guide, tour guide, hospitality; tourism, etc.

  9. Experience with handling money, counting change, and maintaining a bank.

  10. Valid driver’s license & clean driving record. Must be able to pass background check, per Kawerak policies.

Native Preference per Public Law 93-638 Approved (2/1/2022)

Pay Rate: $22.29-$29.09 |

Division: Natural Resources |

Close Date: 03-28-2023

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